About ASR

To expand and preserve the traditional methodology and to create an opportunity for all riders to understand and achieve the highest level of training for themselves and their horses. To expect and train with ethics, honor and integrity, honesty with owners and riders while keeping the horses whole welfare in mind at all times. To create a generational pipe line for horses and riders so that the school is always a place of quality, professionals and highest possible education and learning.

Founding Story

The school was founded by Emily Abbate to fulfill a life long dream of creating a place of distinction and classical dressage study. Similar to that of the royal schools across Europe. Her drive to build and create such an extraordinary legacy came about from being captivated with the classical tradition and her experience with all her wonderful mentors that taught and followed in the classical way. These mentors showed Her that it is through true apprenticeship and focused , many subject education and the classical methodology, that you can create a true horseman and something amazing for and in a community.  

The vision of a true classical School, that is uncompromising and unyielding in its ethics, yet able to be a modern place of art, theory and training for those individuals who seek, education and opportunity to advance themselves and the classical art. A place where the opinions of a few can not discriminate or create a incorrect and un ethical standard for all. A place where talent , drive, dedication, horsemanship,  education and ethics are most important. Where the welfare of the horse is always more important than the goals, aspiration or attention that might be gained of the rider by pursuing poor training or unfair methods. 

ASR is a place of quality, opportunity, talents, creativity, collaborative advancement and the drive to preserve tradition and create excellence in both horse and rider in the process. 
A school for those individuals that wish to be a part of history and part of an alumni of riders, trainers and horseman that are distinguished by Class, passion, education and community. 


To educate and create opportunities for riders and horseman with talent, deep understanding of classical methods and the application of those methods. To pursue their goals with passion and a desire to distinguish themselves within the traditional boundaries of the art of classical dressage. To produce generation after generation of equestrians be they professional or amateur , that are highly skilled, educated in many subjects, not just those of equestrian  discipline. Developed as an honorable, passionate, well rounded individual and leader in the equestrian community, as well as in their personal lives.

About Emily Abbate

Emily grew up on her family farm in Barrington Hills, Illinois. By 4 she was riding alone on her first pony. Her passion for classical dressage was brought out when seeing the Temple Farms Lipizzans during a summer performance at their Wodsworth, Illinois farm. After which she proceeded to receive the opportunity for a long association as pupil of George Williams; which in turn opened to her many opportunities to study under the top dressage masters of this century, including Conrad Schumacher, Volker Bromman, Klaus Balkenhol, Hilda Guerny, Debbie McDonald and many others past to present. 
At the age of 26, after 10 years successfully riding at the national and international level, Emily focused her extensive knowledge and experience on training others. She began with the juniors and young riders seeking to turn professional. As well as the amature rider, driven to educate and refine their skill.
 As these experiences and successes of her students grew, Emily began to focus on the importance of classical dressage education in the United States for the future professional and dedicated amateurs, of all US equestrian sport.
Enhancing the rider and education of classical principles, ethics, honor, standards of conduct with the horses and each other, as well as a  modern understanding of biomechanics, equine behavioral studies. To create maximum repeatable results with the horse and welfare and athletic health and development, is now the cornerstone of Emily and  training philosophy and in turn has gone in to create a huge portion of the American School of Riding curriculum. This dressage training philosophy has developed into a system with which she has trained many successful rider/horse combinations. The results have been historical!