National Equine Performance Rating
Find your horse's rating using National Equine Performance Rating (NEPR) categories. This is the most accurate rating system available and was developed by the American School of Riding. Horse levels are based on a scale from 1 to 7.


Horse is safely under saddle, walk trot and canter. Does not show much suppleness or softness over topline and does not seek contact. Has a good rhythm and tempo in all three gates. Can stop and turn at riders direction. Hacks safely with another horse as guide.


Horse is stretching down and out seeking bit, and is bending in the direction they are going with rider assistance. They are showing good rhythm and softness over the topline with a connection to the bit in all three gates. Can do basic lateral exercises such as turn on the forehand and walk trot leg yield. Hacks out safely on their own. Can handle new environments safely.


Horse is showing improved confidence and energy with a strong connection with bit and suppleness over topline. Can show more advanced transitions within gates and between gates. Also, showing lateral work all three gates with confidence including exercises that require bending in direct of travel. Collection and engagement are available for short periods. 


Horseis showing confidence in collecting and extending his gates and tempo both straight and in lateral work. He is able to perform a flying change of leg cleanly both ways with help from skilled rider. Hacks and works off property safely and efficiently. 


Horse showing a greater degree of education in collecting and performing advanced work such as multiple flying changes, half steps or piaffe and passage at a beginning level. He is able to piece more complex work together with confidence. Horse is safe and easy to ride for an amateur or more unskilled rider. He is safe and easy in new environments. Je is able to school in full bride as well as snaffle.


Horse is showing confidence and ease with all the Grand prix work. Including piaffe passage tempi changes and full pirouette. He does require some guidance from a skilled rider to piece the work together.  But the skill and energy for the work is there as well as , his confidence in the bit and consistency to the riders hand. He is soft and easy over the topline, relaxed in his work.


Horsetruly a finished grand prix horse. All the requirements are fulfilled as far as skill and education.  He is safe and easy for an unskilled rider to work with(is as suitable for his temperament). He is showing high level of collection, extension, lateral skill and is pleasant to the riders hands and has complete responsiveness to the aids. He is safe and confident in new environments. He is displaying piaffe passage with out hesitation and can perform them in a relaxed way with out unevenness or resistance.