National Equestrian Performance Rating
Find your rider rating using National Equestrian Performance Rating (NEPR). This is the most accurate rider rating system available and was developed by the American School of Riding. Rider levels are based on a scale from 1 to 7.


Beginning rider, can walk trot and canter on the lunge line on a schooled horse. Rider is focused on improving and developing seat. Can safely handle a schooled horse on the ground. Has basic skills such as tacking up and handling the horse in the stable.


Rider can safely walk trot and canter on a schooled horse off the lunge. Focus is developing the seat and aids. Hands are quiet but ineffective. Can hack out with supervision. Rider is able to tack up and handle horse in stable unsupervised.   Knowledge of horsemanship expanding, including feeding , care and management. Need supervision in new environments. 


Rider can provide horse with steady contact and has soft hands that follow but connect with the bit. The seat is solid in balance and the rider is comfortable with a schooled horse or a horse that is more green but quite.  The rider can feel the correct and incorrect leads and diagonal. They can start to display basic skills such as bending the horse in the direction of travel and simple transitions between and within gates. Seat is more effective and balanced. 


Rider seat is solid and correct. Rider can school horse and rider NRS level 3 and below. They can perform more advanced work such as lateral exercises tempo changes,  collecting and small jumping or cavaletti.  They are confident and can offer support to a greener type horse. They are understanding and able to apply connection over the topline and affect the hind legs and balance of the horse correctly. They are safe and confident in new environments. They are starting to specialize in a chosen discipline and development of those skills. They are studying theory and training philosophy. 


Rider is skilled in all lateral work and tempo,  transitions as well as open field riding and galloping. Rider can school a horse or rider  that is NRS level 4 and below effectively. Rider is developing their skill with the advanced work , such as piaffe passage, pirouettes and all lateral exercises, cross country jumping or higher level jumping. This rider can school lower level riders with proficiency and safety. They are able to understand and discuss theory and training philosophy. 


Rider can school and train horses and riders NRS level 5 and below. This rider has a extensive experience with the young horse and mid level horse. They have all the required skills to school NRS level 6 and 7 horses. They are able to improve their horses and riders with proficiency and understanding of the previous required skills. They are confident in piaffe passage, pirouettes, lateral skill as well as, advanced collection,  contact with the horses mouth and how to effect the horse over the topline. They are able to discuss theory and training philosophy. 


Rider is truly confident schooling and training all the grand prix requirements and skills. They can train and school both advanced horses and riders. They have correct seat structures and educated hands that provide the horse with security and softness While improving him and effecting the hind legs and back. They are confident to train all level of horse and rider. They are developing their own training philosophy and are able to discuss theory.