Apprenticeship Program

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Apprenticeship Program

The apprentice relationship with their mentor and the time proven way of learning a craft or skill has been a part of classical schooling for hundreds of not thousands of years. We call them working students more commonly today, however  the apprenticeship program that ASR offers is something different than just a working student position.

We care about the goals and talent development of each of our students. Their safety and understanding of all the requirements of managing and developing finished dressage horses and traditional training philosophy. While stable mucking, turn in. and out and basic stable up keep are huge part of becoming a horseman,  with many hours, applying meds and wrapping legs, hand walking, tack cleaning and all the other tasks that must be completed to run a healthy and effective stable. The ASR program diverges from the standard by offering our apprentices the opportunity to ride everyday from day one. Often. As their skill develops they are given more and more riding opportunities as well as a chance to work with different types of horses and temperament types. Learning stallion management,  breeding and foal care.

It is the mission of ASR to provide a comprehensive education,  in an engaging environment and community that cares about each riders goals. If you are excepted as an apprentice into the ASR program, you will not be slave labor or disposable. You are a valued part of our alumni and you are here to carry on our tradition.  Hard work is worth the effort, when great things are offered in returned.

Contact our office to apply to the apprenticeship program. We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.