Setting the Right Mindset to Build More than Just a “Hobby Business”

I hear this term, “hobby business”, a lot when interviewing new business owners that come to me for coaching. They say things like “I just do this to support my horses”, or  “it’s just my hobby that I’d like to get paid for”.

Let me be clear- this is not an option.
There is no such thing as a “hobby business”.

Believing in the term “hobby business”, simply means that you are not structured to run a proper business, and you will lose money.

You do not have to set your business up to be repeatable in multiple locations or to grow to the point of having 100 employees. But, if you truly want to have your business support you, you must change this outlook.


Setting the Right Mindset

Our perspective on what we are doing can have a direct effect on how successful we and our businesses are.

The mindset must be such that we look at our inner beliefs and issues surrounding money, success and even approval from others.

A majority of what I do with my clients is clearing out false ideas and beliefs that are holding them back. And believe me,  we all have them.

Don’t wait until these issues take a chunk out of your profits, or show up with bad client relationships.

By treating ourselves and our businesses as important and worth investing in, we can put aside excuses and really achieve something amazing.  Something that reflects who we are and what we have to offer our clients and communities.


Written by: Emily Abbate

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