Task Based Training

Audiobook by Emily Abbate

Task Based Training and the systematic development of the performance horse.

Task based training focuses on reward and understanding so the horse participates in his work. It offers riders and trainers a chance to understand the exact steps needed to create advanced horses.

About Emily

Emily has been riding since age 4.  Her passion for classical dressage lead her to the opportunity to work with the great George Williams; which in turn opened to her many opportunities to study under the top dressage masters of this century, including Conrad Schumacher, Volker Bromman, Klaus Balkenhol, Hilda Guerny, Debbie McDonald and many others past to present. 
Rider education of classical principles, ethics, honor, standards of conduct with the horses, as well as a  modern understanding of biomechanics, equine behavior will help the listen learn to create repeatable results with the horse and maximize training time for both the horse and the trainer.
It was such a pleasure to listen, that I couldn't wait and started listening to it all over again. These techniques really helped me better understand my horse and my abilities as a trainer.
Emerson Palmer
Bradenton, Fl

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